am i having an allergic reaction to electronic cigarettes. does anyone know who makes them with VG juice?

i’ve tried 3 brands. i’m new to it so i thought maybe someone has had the same reaction. i’ve had a horrible chocking cough for 3 weeks. my son brought it to my attention that it began when i started e cigs. the two might not be related at all,i hope.i really want to give up regular cigs.

i thought i should try VG based but i don’t know who sells you know of a company that does?

It might be that you’re sensitive to propylene glycol, or allergic. A swap to glycerine based liquid should solve that but, sorry I can’t recommend a supplier. I would advise checking out an independent forum for recommendations –

There’s also a couple of other things that might be happening. One is that your lungs could be clearing out the gunk from smoking – a period of detoxification and recovery is common when starting to vape because a lot of people quit smoking at the same time – smokers flu. The other thing that might be happening is that the pg is irritating your throat by drying it out. PG draws moisture away from tissues, if that’s what the problem is then most people find that drinking more solves it, especially before bedtime.