How long does it take for e-cigarettes to charge?

I just bought the brand "Sure, Smoke!" Unfortunately, we don’t have our manual for it and would like to know how long it takes for their batteries to charge. Also, how do I know when it is finished charging?

I can only go by my Joye 510 and I do have the manual for it. When you first open the package, the directions state "first charge should be kept for 8 hours , even if the led light turns green. use for 20 mnnutes. charge the power supply for another hour, even if the led light turns green." You do have a green/red led light on your charger don’t you???? I then usally charge two batteries throughout the day, maybe for an hour each because unfortunately they don’t hold a charge for long. I do recommend you get a PCC in the furture. Sorry couldn’t be more help. Try for further information and next time, I’d advise getting the Joye 510 or a 901. Good luck and hang in there, I figure it took a few days for me to get the hang of it but it is definately worth it. Would never touch a regular cigarette again.